Sunday, April 1, 2012

Small Victory: Wogging

A few weeks ago I started "wogging". Wogging is what I call my walking/jogging attempt. I can't really call it jogging for the fact that I don't run 100% of the time. However, I do still want credit for the jogging effort I put towards my outing... so I wog.

Last year at the end of summer I tried jogging. I was still above 250 lbs. so it was a hard trial. Once I wasn't able to go to the track anymore, I stopped. I am now down to 226 and am hoping that starting to run will help increase my endurance and weight loss. Right now I am just walking for a minute and jogging for a minute in a half. (I started at 2 min. and 1 min.)

I can tell there is a difference every week that I go out. Today I ran 2 1/2 blocks without stopping (yeah I know that doesn't seem much). When I started I was lucky to jog one block.

That is my small victory for the day. I am going just a little bit farther than I did the last time I went out.

Here is to a new week!

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