About Me

My name is Holly and I used to weigh 313 lbs. at my heaviest.

I know what you are thinking and I have asked myself the question many times before... How did I let myself get that big? The more important question at this time though is...how did I get the motivation to save my life?

I started my health journey in January 2011.

I started from square one. I participated in a Biometric screening at work, to see where I was starting from.  I was so nervous about the result of my lab tests. I was very relieved to find out I didn't have  type II diabetes. I felt so sick though before finding out the results. Once I knew what I was dealing with, I was determined to never have that feeling of dread again.

Not only was there a Biometric screening in January 2011, we also started a biggest loser contest. I joined a team with my co-worker and we were called The Lovely Losers. Best decision of my life. I had so much support and realized... I can do this.

That was the start of this crazy, wonderful, stressful journey. I am on my way to a healthier me with as many Small Victories as I can make.

**Small Victories- It is when one makes a healthier decision that they wouldn't have made before.

   Example: My first realization of a "small victory" was when I decided I didn't need mayonnaise on a grilled chicken sandwich. I saved myself hundreds of calories!

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