Sunday, March 31, 2013

It has been a while!

Time for some catch up!

It has been busy around here and will only get busier! However, that does not mean I have been slacking with my healthy lifestyle.

I have kept true to my healthy ways and have made it out of Easter without gaining a lb. I will have the official weigh in tomorrow, but things are looking good.

I started a new weight loss contest. Most of the people on my team are ones that I have never met, but still work at MCHS. The winning team gets a fruit basket. Some would say "wahoo a fruit basket?". Myself personally... heck yes I wanna win that basket! I can be a competitive person and the weight loss contest will hopefully help keep that fire burning to lose the last 53 lbs. I have to go.

53 lbs. yes that is it! Starting at 313 lbs. a little over 2 years ago... and now I only have 53 to go. CRAZY to think about. I can't wait to reach the goal, but the biggest thing I got out of this contest: My Life.

The race is only a little more than 1 month away...! I am getting excited and nervous and well... just flat out amazed that I am going to be doing this. Run, walk or crawl... I am going to do this. I can't wait to see everyone that day... the friends and family that are running and coming to cheer, it is going to be a day to remember! I have finally stopped puking after my distance runs. As soon as I got outside and started running w/ water, I have been doing great. Still takes a lot out of me, but at least I am not getting sick. Progress!

That pretty much sums up what has been going on around here. I will get better at doing posts more timely in the future!

Ya gotta keep you head up.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Everyone has an opinion...

1. "You would think all the running you do, you would be smaller..."
2. "Your small everywhere else except your butt."
3. "You still got that gut on ya."
4. "If I am not careful, pretty soon you will be as small as me."

I was at the gym on Wednesday night running and 3 girls who spent more time on their hair than in the gym, thought my running was extremely funny. They kept looking back and laughing... I was the only other person on the track, so I can safely assume I was being amusing?

The comments and laughs can still sting... and make me self conscious... but I kept going  on Wednesday night and I will keep going now.

(These are just the most recent in the past few weeks)

Keep your head up...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Real Reaction...

I am sitting here after my workout thinking about how far I have to go. 56 lbs. away from meeting the biggest goal I have ever worked for. Why is it taking me so long? Why am I treading water and not losing more? These are all questions I keep asking myself. I am so close, but still stuck at that number that doesn't seem to want to go away on that scale.

As much as that is frustrating and annoying, I am living life. The changes I have made are forever. I just need to keep pushing and get myself there. I am so close to that goal number, it feels like that is all I am thinking about. I got a good pep talk from a few friends at work. They told me just because that number isn't moving doesn't mean I am not getting fit. (which is the most important part!). The number is only one part of living healthy, I love that my friends are here for me when I need that extra dose of sunshine at my parade.

 I can still look in the mirror some days and see that person that I was before. After losing 126 lbs. that seems like a silly statement. I can't get that person out of my head obviously, but I am seeing her less and less!

Staying positive is the only way to finish this journey. It is a journey of a life time... so worth it.