Monday, March 4, 2013

Real Reaction...

I am sitting here after my workout thinking about how far I have to go. 56 lbs. away from meeting the biggest goal I have ever worked for. Why is it taking me so long? Why am I treading water and not losing more? These are all questions I keep asking myself. I am so close, but still stuck at that number that doesn't seem to want to go away on that scale.

As much as that is frustrating and annoying, I am living life. The changes I have made are forever. I just need to keep pushing and get myself there. I am so close to that goal number, it feels like that is all I am thinking about. I got a good pep talk from a few friends at work. They told me just because that number isn't moving doesn't mean I am not getting fit. (which is the most important part!). The number is only one part of living healthy, I love that my friends are here for me when I need that extra dose of sunshine at my parade.

 I can still look in the mirror some days and see that person that I was before. After losing 126 lbs. that seems like a silly statement. I can't get that person out of my head obviously, but I am seeing her less and less!

Staying positive is the only way to finish this journey. It is a journey of a life time... so worth it.

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  1. Oh Holly, I'm sitting here waging an internal battle with myself. Part of me knows exactly what you are going through because I feel the same way. It sucks being so close to that goal and not having the weight fly off like it did before. But the other part of me wants to remind you how far you have come. It makes how far you have left to go look like nothing. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being 328 lbs for just 1 day because I find that I have forgotten what that felt like. I have kind of forgotten all the little things that made it so unbearable. I have to remind myself how I would have given practically anything then to be the weight I am right now.

    What you have done is so incredible, not just the weight loss, but the way you have completely changed your life. I mean, could you have imagined back then that you would be running a half marathon?!? You are so right when you say that you are living life. And that is more important that any number on the scale. I'm so proud of you and so grateful we can share this journey together. Who knows? Maybe we'll hit our goal at the same time (I've got 60.2 lbs to go)!

    Oh and btw, great pic! :)