Saturday, March 9, 2013

Everyone has an opinion...

1. "You would think all the running you do, you would be smaller..."
2. "Your small everywhere else except your butt."
3. "You still got that gut on ya."
4. "If I am not careful, pretty soon you will be as small as me."

I was at the gym on Wednesday night running and 3 girls who spent more time on their hair than in the gym, thought my running was extremely funny. They kept looking back and laughing... I was the only other person on the track, so I can safely assume I was being amusing?

The comments and laughs can still sting... and make me self conscious... but I kept going  on Wednesday night and I will keep going now.

(These are just the most recent in the past few weeks)

Keep your head up...


  1. Oy, there's always something, isn't there? I'd say they're jealous of your determination! You WILL be smaller than them, because you're awesome ;)

  2. Are you kidding? That is crazy that people have actually said that to you. I am so sorry that happened, but just know that they are either 1) really insensitive or 2)trying to unconsciously sabotage you due to their own insecurities. I've unfortunately had experience with both. Either way, it's not about you. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt though. I also like to remember this quote: "Judging a person doesn't define who they are. It defines who YOU are." They don't define you!