Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Eating Tips...#1

Make the calories count! It is hard to eat "healthy" around the holidays... so eat smart!

First tip ***Don't eat it unless it is worth it.

Store bought (fill in blank)- Not worth it.
Grandma's oatmeal fudge- Worth it.

Don't deprive yourself of the special treats that you only get once a year. Those don't come around very often and is a real treat. I am not saying go all out and eat an entire cake, but indulge in a slice. If it makes you smile... go for it.

Store bought rolls, desserts and salads? Leave it on the table. Things that you can/do eat all year round aren't worth the extra calories for the day.

That is the first of many tips to get through the holidays w/o gaining! Stay tuned for the next one :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

My Doctor Says: Just Chill.

Just chill... that is not something one usually hears from their doctor. However, that is the answer I got when I expressed my frustration over being stuck in this plateau for well over a year. She basically said that my body is happy, but don't give up. Just trying to live as healthy as I can is the only way the last of this weight will fall off.

In saying that... let me catch you all up on the last few weeks!

The half marathon was  a few weekends ago. I had a LOT of fun and did pretty well. It was a very strange feeling at the starting line... I was calm. (I know right?) You usually don't hear that from me. I had come to terms that this was a fun run and the only goal I had was to finish it.

I know I didn't train very well. To be honest I wasn't 100% into it bc it is really hard on my body and didn't take a huge break between the last one. The heat, the vomiting... I can give a ton of excuses of why I shouldn't have been ready, but I was. I was ready bc I was finally ready to just have fun.

I finished in about 3 hours and had a fabulous time. I was bummed though that they ran out of beer at the finish line... really?! :)


I am still holding strong with the weight loss and haven't gained anything lately. I am OKAY with that. Not thrilled, but am going to stay "chill" like my doctor says. Now that the half marathon is over with, I am ready to have a healthy relaxing winter. No stressing about getting my distance run in at the track, feeling like crap after and not having a very flexible schedule. I see a winter filled with running on a treadmill for 3-5 miles, weight lifting and for sure some HOT YOGA (ow!ow!). Now that sounds like a nice relaxing winter.

I have been trying a few new recipes lately and hopefully will get my favorites posted. There is nothing I like better than finding a tasty healthy alternative way of making things. My boyfriend would agree because I try these out on him so he gets a lot of good home cooked meals when he is home :)

One thing I am really looking forward to though is the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving! It is an awesome tradition that I have with my friends. I don't visit family for this holiday and I usually spend it with my friends... running 5 miles! This will be the 3rd year and am already excited for those bloody Mary's after!

One last thought...

I saw this post below on one of my favorite Facebook pages (I <3 to run, check it out!) It made me really think about some of the conversations I have had in the past year or so. I feel a little that some forget where I started out. I have actually been told "you don't know how hard it is." when having a conversation with someone that wants to make healthy changes. (WTH?!) For the most part I listen and be supportive. Hey, I HAVE been there and I know the frustration one feels when trying to start this journey. But there is only so much I can do and say to help until all we are doing is talking in circles. I do remember how hard it was and all the excuses I fed myself too. Until I got rid of all the bullshit that I was feeding myself... I wasn't going anywhere. It took weighing over 300 lbs for me to finally get it. I did it for me and I hope that others will do it for themselves too.

The post below is a little harsh, but it is what it is. Everyone has it in them to make their start. What will make or break you is how bad you want it and how hard you want to work for it.
No. More. Excuses.