Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Goal For The Rest Of The Year...

I am afraid to say this out loud for the fact that usually when I set my mind to something, I HAVE to do it. Well I am about  to throw the gauntlet down for my personal goal... Losing the rest of this weight BY THE END OF THE YEAR.

There. I said it.

I have had so many great moments, set backs and everything in between the last 2.5 years. I still can't believe it has been that long since I started this journey. I am seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel and I am antsy to get there. I don't want to go into 3 years. I sounds pouty, but I am so close. Less than 50 lbs. now.

The idea is to really keep that goal in mind. I set that one aside for the half marathon goal that I gave myself last year. That is all I thought about for over 7 months. Now I am ready for the next ultimate goal... my goal weight. I know I will be able to accomplish so much more once I really focus shedding the pounds and getting healthy.

My plan: Cardio and toning. I need to keep the cardio (running) going to burn those calories. I also need the weight lifting to build muscle. My fear of not lifting weights is that the pounds that I do lose will be muscle and not fat. If that happens, the excess skin that I do have will be even worse. I am already self conscious about that now! Also, having more muscle burns more calories in the long run. You look healthy on the outside as well as being healthy on the inside.

Keeping calories in check is the second part of my plan. This summer is filled with events and parties with all sorts of drinks and tasty treats. MODERATION is the key to the success of this plan. I can have my fun, but keep in mind what I am putting into my body.

So there we go, a goal is set with a plan. I just have to keep focused and know that I can succeed at this. I have always been stubborn and I hope that stubbornness shows in the next 6 months.

Keeping my head up and knowing I am a fighter.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Look and A New Beginning

As most of you can tell by now, there is a new look to my little blog. My fabulous friend Erin worked her magic and created something awesome. There are new tabs and new ways for me to share information on recipes, new progress pics and how far until I reach my goal. This new look to my blog is a new beginning of telling my story!

Since starting over with counting calories and really watching my portions, I have lost 3 lbs. since last Monday... 3! I know I am always saying this but... I had to get back to the basics. I strayed too far that time and now I am on track to losing these last lbs.

I have also delved deeper into the running world... I now know what shin splints feel like. OUCH! I did some interval running on the treadmill Tuesday morning. (yes you read that right A.M.) Ever since then my shins have been on fire. Stretching hasn't helped and I have tried icing a bit, but that hasn't done much. I think I will just have to wait it out, but I am getting sick of not running already!

As I stated above, I did have a morning workout this week. I think I wrote in a post a year or so ago how much I HATE a morning workout. However, with it being so hot at the end of the day, I am not getting the best workout. It wouldn't kill me to do it a few times a week... I guess. The reason why I gave up on morning  workouts before, was for the fact it was too easy to talk myself out of it! I was having to make myself get up early and hated every second. If you aren't liking something, it is sure hard to make a habit out of it!

So here I go and continue on my way. I have had a new burst of energy and I am closing in on that ultimate healthy lifestyle!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can't Sleep...

So I thought I would blog my thoughts...

I had an "ah ha" moment last Thursday. I had upped my calorie intake when training for the half marathon bc of the amount of calories I was burning. I was training for 7 months for that race. That was 7 months of creating a habit of increased portions. After the race I got sick, wasn't able to run and I was still in the middle of a lot of over time at work. My world kept going... including my calorie intake. I didn't take a moment to change things back to how it was pre-training.

I have no idea why it just hit me now, but wow does that make sense! I started using again to help keep track of my calories. It is like I am starting over from scratch, but it is something that needs to be done. I even surprised myself at how many calories my breakfast was. Don't get me wrong, it is about 350 calories for my egg sandwich and coffee, but I had estimated less. That was when I knew I had strayed a little too far from my plan.

It makes total sense now of why I wasn't losing. I wasn't gaining, but I have made no progress to losing that last 50. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and re-think the situation. I was getting so frustrated but not really looking at how different my habits had become to when I first started. I know I have changed and learned a lot from day one, but it is always the same outline that I follow. Portion control and working out. Period.

Now that I am a few days in, it is strange, but I feel like "me" again. I am back in focus of my ultimate goal to get healthy. I am actually looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. I see the number on the scale has changed already. Just need to make it official. I still haven't picked out a big goal like the half marathon was. However, I think my goal right now is to live a healthy life and get the rest of this weight off. That is a pretty big goal to handle right now.

Sweet dreams.

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's The Little Big Things In Life...

It has been a crazy busy time around here between work projects and wedding/social gatherings! It has been busy, but I have been having a blast.

I just returned from my best friend's bachelor/bachelorette party. It was a huge success and such a great weekend. It is hard to get a large group of people together and have them all get along! It was great! It was a big weekend for me along with everything else. One might be surprised to know... I had a few Small Victories this weekend...

I spent the weekend in Wisconsin Dells... as in THE Wisconsin Dells that is the "water park capitol of the world."... as in I HAD TO WEAR A SWIMSUIT! I haven't worn a swimsuit in oh... 2 years? I got the cutest suit (on sale of course) and... wasn't sure how I was going to feel. I  brought shorts and a tank just in case.... well I didn't need it! I was comfortable in the suit and in how I felt in it. BIG step for me.

The second "small victory" that I had was the dress that I wore. I. Miss Holly Ann. Got a dress that was super stylish, super cute and in a regular size. BAM! :) I was so excited about the dress. I got to wear something like "normal" woman do. Sounds super weird... so let me explain... I always had to wear the sweater over the dress bc I was self conscious over my flabby arms, couldn't wear the cute styles with the empire waist bc of my stomach and I could never find anything like that in the plus size section. I felt hot in that dress...!

It was such a great weekend, but now I have 1 month to fit in that bridesmaid dress...!!! I still have about 1.5 inches to get zipped... it is a hot little number, short, pink and fabulous. I can't wait to wear it! I just have to make sure I am comfortable in it, so I need to get my ass in gear!

I had a GREAT workout tonight. Busted my butt and I did sweat it off. I had a great time working out (weird I know!) but I am so happy to get back into my routine.

Keep your head up and keep trucking along!