Thursday, June 27, 2013

A New Look and A New Beginning

As most of you can tell by now, there is a new look to my little blog. My fabulous friend Erin worked her magic and created something awesome. There are new tabs and new ways for me to share information on recipes, new progress pics and how far until I reach my goal. This new look to my blog is a new beginning of telling my story!

Since starting over with counting calories and really watching my portions, I have lost 3 lbs. since last Monday... 3! I know I am always saying this but... I had to get back to the basics. I strayed too far that time and now I am on track to losing these last lbs.

I have also delved deeper into the running world... I now know what shin splints feel like. OUCH! I did some interval running on the treadmill Tuesday morning. (yes you read that right A.M.) Ever since then my shins have been on fire. Stretching hasn't helped and I have tried icing a bit, but that hasn't done much. I think I will just have to wait it out, but I am getting sick of not running already!

As I stated above, I did have a morning workout this week. I think I wrote in a post a year or so ago how much I HATE a morning workout. However, with it being so hot at the end of the day, I am not getting the best workout. It wouldn't kill me to do it a few times a week... I guess. The reason why I gave up on morning  workouts before, was for the fact it was too easy to talk myself out of it! I was having to make myself get up early and hated every second. If you aren't liking something, it is sure hard to make a habit out of it!

So here I go and continue on my way. I have had a new burst of energy and I am closing in on that ultimate healthy lifestyle!

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