Sunday, June 23, 2013

Can't Sleep...

So I thought I would blog my thoughts...

I had an "ah ha" moment last Thursday. I had upped my calorie intake when training for the half marathon bc of the amount of calories I was burning. I was training for 7 months for that race. That was 7 months of creating a habit of increased portions. After the race I got sick, wasn't able to run and I was still in the middle of a lot of over time at work. My world kept going... including my calorie intake. I didn't take a moment to change things back to how it was pre-training.

I have no idea why it just hit me now, but wow does that make sense! I started using again to help keep track of my calories. It is like I am starting over from scratch, but it is something that needs to be done. I even surprised myself at how many calories my breakfast was. Don't get me wrong, it is about 350 calories for my egg sandwich and coffee, but I had estimated less. That was when I knew I had strayed a little too far from my plan.

It makes total sense now of why I wasn't losing. I wasn't gaining, but I have made no progress to losing that last 50. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and re-think the situation. I was getting so frustrated but not really looking at how different my habits had become to when I first started. I know I have changed and learned a lot from day one, but it is always the same outline that I follow. Portion control and working out. Period.

Now that I am a few days in, it is strange, but I feel like "me" again. I am back in focus of my ultimate goal to get healthy. I am actually looking forward to weighing in tomorrow. I see the number on the scale has changed already. Just need to make it official. I still haven't picked out a big goal like the half marathon was. However, I think my goal right now is to live a healthy life and get the rest of this weight off. That is a pretty big goal to handle right now.

Sweet dreams.


  1. Almost the same thing happened to be recently as well!

    1. It is frustrating, but we figure it out! :) 3 lb. loss already w/ starting over!