Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am back!

On track that is!!

Last week I went back to the  basics. I had gotten out of the habit of measuring my food and really counting calories. Since I started over with and keeping track of my calories once again, I am happy to announce... it worked! I have actually dropped over 5 lbs. in a week. (waiting for official weigh in tomorrow) I obviously was increasing my calorie intake w/o realizing it. Sometimes you just need a jump start to get back on track.

This is my 3rd year of my healthy lifestyle. Yes I have been doing this for awhile, but I am still learning daily and still struggle to keep things on track. I know I won't be perfect, but as long as I keep my positivity, I know I can do this.

What do you do to "jump start" your healthy lifestyle when you feel yourself getting of track?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to basics!

I did a little investigating into my habits last night. I realized my calories have slowly crept up the past couple of months. I have been getting too comfortable with what I "thought" I knew and just assuming I was eating the right portions. I just need to get a handle on the calories and I think I will be good. I know one thing that is affecting the portions is that I am doing more intense exercise. I am "starving" after and that is where the meals at night were getting bigger.

 I am back to using I started slacking off on that as well. I need to remember that this is a life time thing and I need to keep on top of portions and exercise for the rest of my life. I can do it, sometimes I just need a jolt (like not losing) to get me back to the basics of living a healthy lifestyle.

I know I got this! Keeping positive is the most important thing. I may get pouty, but deep down I know I won't or can't give up. I just need to whine a bit... so thank you for reading!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Treading Water...

STUCK! Stuck.Stuck.Stuck. I am not gaining (thank goodness) HOWEVER I am not losing, which is frustrating as all get out. I am just not sure where to go with things anymore. I bought a new variety of foods and I am going to change up the work outs again. I just can't seem to shake this plateau right now.

Back to basics!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is the small things in life...

Anyone who knows me, knows I get SUPER excited over the smallest things. I am kind of a dork in some aspects, but I can't help it!

My recent excitement was when I got out of the shower the other day, my towel fit all the way around me and then some! No it wasn't one of those over size towels (that I do have), it was a normal everyday towel.  You may be thinking to yourself "why the hell would that excite her?". Well, when a normal towel has NEVER fit around your body, it is a pretty damn exciting experience when it finally does. As weird as it may sound, that is something that I have been waiting for for awhile. I remember having to shower in gym class and how embarrassed I was that the towels hardly got around me. When we had to supply our own towels, I made my mom buy me a beach towel... embarrassing. It is little things like that that I remember how I felt and still to this day wish would have motivated me to change my habits, even as young as I was.

There is a plus side to getting excited over small accomplishments... you have a lot more things to celebrate! If you wait for all the big goals, you are not celebrating as often. Keeping that positivity around you will make yourself even more excited to keep going. Every time I add a half mile to my run or drop another pant size (now a size 12!!!) it is such an exciting thing... because it is my first. My first time running 5 miles none stop, the first time I remember being in a size 12 or the first time I ever went up in a hot air balloon ride. (Still need to figure out how to top that!) That is what is so exciting about the journey I am on, so many "firsts" to celebrate.

What is hard is some people may think of it as "bragging" or something like it. I just had a conversation with a friend today, mentioning the fact I have to be careful who I tell things to. I know it can get annoying if I am constantly talking about weight loss or goals that I have hit. I try my best, but as I said before, I get excited. I don't want to be "that girl" though, so I am more careful about things now.

However! Don't let make you less excited about the new things happening in your life. The important people will be just as excited as  you are!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The start of year 3...

Here I am again, the start of a new year. This is my year. My year to reach goals started 2 years ago, accomplish milestones I never thought I would do and hopefully inspire others to take their journey and make a change. This is year is going to be HUGE.

I am hoping this year will be the year I reach my weight loss goal. I started this journey at 313 lbs. and am starting my 3rd year at 193 lbs.. That is a total of 120 lbs. lost so far. I am so ready to finish what I have started and to focus on maintaining and reaching other goals.

This is the year I will complete my first 1/2 marathon. I have been training the last couple of months and have reached 6 miles so far. Almost half way there! I am so excited and nervous as all get out about that milestone. It is simply insane that I am really going to do this. So many times in the past couple months I called myself crazy to be even attempting this... well call me crazy as well, because I am going to do this. I will have my doubts up until the day of the race, I know that for sure. As long as I don't let those thoughts get to me, I will be good to go.

I feel this past year really put my relationships into perspective and I have gotten closer to the important people in my life. The support and encouragement that I get from them all is truly amazing. I know I am so lucky to have people behind me, inspiring and motivating me to continue, not everyone is this lucky.

 As I sit here writing post, a few awesome things come to mind: I ran my first 5k. Seeing my friends and family at the finish line of my first race will be something I never forget. That day could not have been more perfect to me. That is also the day I decided I was going to run a half marathon... (never let me get bored!)
I lost 100 lbs. this year and took a hot air balloon ride to celebrate. That is one of those "never in a million years did I think..." moments. I love looking back at the pictures from that day and to really think about why I was there.
I got to see the Green Bay Packers twice! Once as a V.I.P for tailgating and once at my first game!...  (Yeah I know, not related to weight loss, but way cool!)

All in all there was a lot of cool moments in 2012. Things I will never forget. I am ready for all the new adventures for 2013 though... this is my year.

Keep your head up and keep pushing...