Sunday, January 13, 2013

It is the small things in life...

Anyone who knows me, knows I get SUPER excited over the smallest things. I am kind of a dork in some aspects, but I can't help it!

My recent excitement was when I got out of the shower the other day, my towel fit all the way around me and then some! No it wasn't one of those over size towels (that I do have), it was a normal everyday towel.  You may be thinking to yourself "why the hell would that excite her?". Well, when a normal towel has NEVER fit around your body, it is a pretty damn exciting experience when it finally does. As weird as it may sound, that is something that I have been waiting for for awhile. I remember having to shower in gym class and how embarrassed I was that the towels hardly got around me. When we had to supply our own towels, I made my mom buy me a beach towel... embarrassing. It is little things like that that I remember how I felt and still to this day wish would have motivated me to change my habits, even as young as I was.

There is a plus side to getting excited over small accomplishments... you have a lot more things to celebrate! If you wait for all the big goals, you are not celebrating as often. Keeping that positivity around you will make yourself even more excited to keep going. Every time I add a half mile to my run or drop another pant size (now a size 12!!!) it is such an exciting thing... because it is my first. My first time running 5 miles none stop, the first time I remember being in a size 12 or the first time I ever went up in a hot air balloon ride. (Still need to figure out how to top that!) That is what is so exciting about the journey I am on, so many "firsts" to celebrate.

What is hard is some people may think of it as "bragging" or something like it. I just had a conversation with a friend today, mentioning the fact I have to be careful who I tell things to. I know it can get annoying if I am constantly talking about weight loss or goals that I have hit. I try my best, but as I said before, I get excited. I don't want to be "that girl" though, so I am more careful about things now.

However! Don't let make you less excited about the new things happening in your life. The important people will be just as excited as  you are!


  1. Holly, you are such an inspiration! I saw you at the alumni concert and thought "wow" Although you always were the cutest thing,no matter what your weight, you have such a great smile:) Keep posting. I enjoy reading about your victories.
    Linda (Allison's mom)

    1. Thanks so much Linda! I am happy to have feed back on my posts :)

  2. Keep on bragging Holly! You deserve it! :)