Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The start of year 3...

Here I am again, the start of a new year. This is my year. My year to reach goals started 2 years ago, accomplish milestones I never thought I would do and hopefully inspire others to take their journey and make a change. This is year is going to be HUGE.

I am hoping this year will be the year I reach my weight loss goal. I started this journey at 313 lbs. and am starting my 3rd year at 193 lbs.. That is a total of 120 lbs. lost so far. I am so ready to finish what I have started and to focus on maintaining and reaching other goals.

This is the year I will complete my first 1/2 marathon. I have been training the last couple of months and have reached 6 miles so far. Almost half way there! I am so excited and nervous as all get out about that milestone. It is simply insane that I am really going to do this. So many times in the past couple months I called myself crazy to be even attempting this... well call me crazy as well, because I am going to do this. I will have my doubts up until the day of the race, I know that for sure. As long as I don't let those thoughts get to me, I will be good to go.

I feel this past year really put my relationships into perspective and I have gotten closer to the important people in my life. The support and encouragement that I get from them all is truly amazing. I know I am so lucky to have people behind me, inspiring and motivating me to continue, not everyone is this lucky.

 As I sit here writing post, a few awesome things come to mind: I ran my first 5k. Seeing my friends and family at the finish line of my first race will be something I never forget. That day could not have been more perfect to me. That is also the day I decided I was going to run a half marathon... (never let me get bored!)
I lost 100 lbs. this year and took a hot air balloon ride to celebrate. That is one of those "never in a million years did I think..." moments. I love looking back at the pictures from that day and to really think about why I was there.
I got to see the Green Bay Packers twice! Once as a V.I.P for tailgating and once at my first game!...  (Yeah I know, not related to weight loss, but way cool!)

All in all there was a lot of cool moments in 2012. Things I will never forget. I am ready for all the new adventures for 2013 though... this is my year.

Keep your head up and keep pushing...

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