Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Little Inspiration and a CHALLENGE to all

 I am not your average looking runner. I run my 5'1" (rounding up) 180 lb. body for miles. It is a struggle. However, I am out there doing it. Good run, bad run... doesn't matter.

The other night...

  I was about a mile in and running across an intersection. A man rolls down his window and shouts "You got this! Looking great!". Needless to say, I got a little pep in my step.

 About 4 miles in I was ...struggling a bit, but still going. I was running past this man that stepped to the side and said "You are doing great, girl. Keep going!". 

 About 10 minutes of being done w/ my run, I hear this shout from behind. I kept running, but I heard the shout again. I turned around and there was a man waving me over. I thought he needed directions. Nope. He wanted to tell me how awesome it was to see someone out there working hard. He used to be a runner and said he wouldn't have been able to be out here running like I was. He encouraged me to keep going and said how I much I inspired him.

 I have had a few people cheer me on when I am out and about running. Never anything like this, though. I can't tell you how touched I am, that total strangers stopped to encourage me to keep going... to keep running. It helped so much and I thank them for their motivation. I will think of this night every single time I don't feel like going for a run.

So my challenge to my friends and family: When you see a runner or anyone working out for that matter... doesn't matter what size they are, cheer them on. If they look like they are struggling, let them know they can do it. That small act of kindness can inspire anyone to go far. I personally(previously secretly) hope to motivate people when they see me out running. I don't look like your typical runner... but hey, I like to sparkle once in a while.

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