Sunday, April 26, 2015

Not JUST a Relay...

This next Saturday is the 3rd year that I have done the Granddads Bluff half marathon/relay. This year I am doing the relay and not doing the half marathon.

 I am making myself stop saying "I am JUST doing the relay". I have been having an interesting time of things with not participating in the half marathon. I KNOW I needed a break with doing 2 last year... but I still have a pinch. A pinch of feeling left out of all the fun. However, 6.5 miles is nothing to be ashamed of! I get to start with my friends and be there cheering the loudest at the finish line!

My friends and family are going to be there to support again! They have turned it into a party and I feel I will never be allowed NOT to do this run. Which I am totally fine with! It is such a fun day with everyone and there was no hesitation for my boyfriend (that travels so much) to be here for it. (Love him!) I have a soft spot for this run. It was the run where I feel I really came out as a runner... my first half marathon! It is the same with the Applefest 5k... first 5k ever. The memories are there.

I am ready for this run. More ready than I have felt for most of them. If I can just get over the whole "I am lazy for not doing the half marathon", it will be a fun time. With this weight loss journey I have been on, control is needed. A perfectionist, control freak... whatever you want to call it, I have needed to push myself. I know I can do a half marathon and have proved it 3 times. I have NOTHING to prove, so why do I feel all weird for not doing it?