Saturday, April 21, 2012

On a budget...

Throughout this whole experience I have read probably hundreds of articles on weight loss and other views on the subject. One that was interesting was an article on buying healthier foods on a budget. It was an interesting article and can be found on Yahoo Shine.

After reading the article (most of the points were things I had read previously) I went down to the comments. I read comment after comment of how eating healthier is expensive and can't be done. I know organic foods are a little more expensive and the "diet foods" can be too. What about just real food?

When I started making different choices, I was broke. I had a $30 a week budget for groceries and that was breakfast lunch and dinner. I kept to that budget and found it surprisingly easy. When I was buying frozen pizza, chips... I would eat the entire package or most of it in one sitting. I find that those sorts of foods are just as expensive if not more. I had no portion control and would not make several meals out of it. A bag of chips can be up to $4 a bag... bag of carrots? $2.

Do the research and you can find that eating healthier isn't all that expensive. Compare prices, nutritional facts and servings. You might be pleasantly surprised.

 It can be done if one wants to do it.

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