Friday, April 27, 2012

Own worst enemy...

I feel disgusting today.
 I went out last night to the Worlds Largest Office Party. I had a great time with my friends. I had enough to drink where I was feeling good and I was relaxed. Unfortunately when I "relax" I let all my cares go and am not very careful about what I eat. I always use those as a "small victory" if I can make it home and in bed before I mow down on food. I didn't make it last night.

My down fall was not having dinner before going out. I tried to eat healthy snacks mid afternoon so I wouldn't be tempted by the unhealthy food I was surrounded with. I made it til about 10:00 before I had to eat something. I grabbed a burger at one of the stands and only had ketchup on it. I was happy with my decision.

Bad decision: Stopping at a fast food place on the way home. I bought tacos from Taco Bell and went home and stuffed my face. I am my own worst enemy on my journey. I know it is a small slip up, but it is so discouraging. When I think I am on a good run and have finally learned, I do something like this.

There was not tears this time. (Yes I did cry when I had my first serving of french fries after starting my journey) I have said this many times but, it is a very emotional journey. I hate having slip ups like this but I do what I have learned... Accept it and move on. There is no "starting over on Monday". I made the mistake, I don't want to dig myself a deeper hole.

*Sigh* Still a good distance from my ultimate goal... it will just take me a little longer.

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  1. You are looking so good! Not that I'm one to say anything, but we all slip up once in awhile. You have come so far, and don't have any reason to be disgusted with yourself. You can do it!