Saturday, March 31, 2012

January 2010 is when I made my first step towards a healthier lifestyle. I participated in the Biometric screening through work. I figured the best way to get started was to see what I was working with health wise. The screening wasn't horrible as I had thought, but scared me enough to make that next step in getting healthy.

 In February 2010 I started a contest at work. A version of the Biggest Loser. I took the contest as a sign that this was my time to be serious about my health. It was really hard at first cutting out the junk and getting my exercise on, but I did it. I realized I had so many emotional reasons why I over eat and not many reasons of why I didn’t work out. It is now 14 months from the start of that contest and I have lost 86 lbs. I have kept up with the calorie counting and making better choices on what food to eat. It is still a struggle to make those choices but every time I over come the urge to over eat, I feel 100 times better. I call those my small victories.

I have kept a blog since July 2010 and a weight loss diary before that. I decided to change sites for my blog. It has helped me work through my journey and hopefully  has helped others with theirs.

New Blog, New Chapter

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