Monday, July 30, 2012

Most Amazing...

I start this week with a little pep in my step. Last week I had been in a funk that I couldn't seem to get myself out of. Little did I know, I just needed a night out of town with some of my favorite people.

My best friend from HS is getting married next year. I was asked to be one of the bridesmaids! We went dress shopping on Saturday to try on the dress she picked out for us and kind of have a bonding weekend with the other girls. It couldn't have been anymore fun than it was! (The dresses are amazing and I am sure you will see lots of pictures later!)

Back Story: I was in 2 weddings previously. Both friends from HS and it was a fantastic time being in both. The only part for me that had a raincloud was when we were getting fitted for dresses. I always got nervous and hated seeing the size that I had to wear. I could never try the dress on because the bridal boutique never had a size big enough either. So basically, I just hoped in looked good on my body type.

The most embarrassing moment was where...*deep breath* I had to order extra fabric bc the dress didn't fit right... and she added it into the dress. I had ordered the biggest dress they had. I was mortified and couldn't believe this. (No, this wasn't my "life changing moment" should have been though right?)

So on to the present: We went to the bridal boutique and were measured for the dresses. The difference in numbers from the last time made me do a little jig in my head. I did get a little anxiety over trying the dress on, but I think it was just an "after shock" from times before.

The lady handed me the dress and pointed me into the dressing room. I tried the dress on and .... it was too big! I actually had to go down 2 sizes from the one she gave me. I know the dresses run with different sizes, but my last bridesmaid dress was a 26! and I was wearing an 18! My cousin came in to help me zip up and I whispered to her... "I am going to cry." She asked me why. I answered with... "I have never been able to actually try a dress on in the boutique, they have never had my size. Today I am wearing an 18!"

It was a moment I am pretty sure I won't forget. It is small things like that that make me realize where I am at today. I didn't order the dress because it is still a year before the wedding. I hope I will be dropping a few more sizes before then.

Celebrate your small victories!

P.S. I have officially dropped into a size 14!


  1. This post gave me a big smile!

  2. OMGosh that is HUGE! Congratulations!

    I remember that problem as well when attending weddings. Luckily the last two where I was the maid of honor both times, I got to choose my own dress in the color scheme of the wedding, whew.

    I just hate shopping in the plus size section while my mom and sister get to go to the skinny section as I call it.


  3. I've found some great recipes on this site! :)