Monday, June 4, 2012

Just another Monday... weigh in

Finally Finally Finally!!! (did I mention finally? yes? well alright then) I am over my slump of weight loss. 3 lbs. down from last week and feel fabulous!

2 differences in last weeks fitness: Ran 4 blocks in a row w/o stopping
                                                                Walked my rent check over to the offices on Saturday.
You are probably thinking... that can't seriously make a difference. However, the 4 blocks is something I have never done before. I felt fantastic the rest of my wog and was ready to go. It proves how much better I am getting w/ my fitness. The walking the rent check to the office is a change in routine. It isn't too far away and I would always drive it over. Saturday was a beautiful day and I decided I needed to walk it over there.

 Small changes make a world of difference sometimes. Wither you take the stairs or park a little farther way from the store, it burns extra calories and gets you moving. Especially on days there isn't a lot of time to do a full work out. Anyone can have a small victory day!


  1. I agree small changes do make a world of difference! Great job btw on running 4 blocks!!!! I always park as far as away as I can, so that I have to walk a little bit extra to get to where I am going. I also ride my bike to the store on the weekends and try not to drive.

  2. good for you Holly! You are such an inspiration!