Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Dance...

The Monday weigh has left me... excited! I didn't see that dreaded number on the scale. In fact I lost 3 lbs. last week...! after gaining and losing the same weight for almost over a month, I feel super pumped!

This weekend I also went on a "shopping spree". I put quotations around that because my shopping spree consists of clearance racks and Good Will. There is no point in spending tons of money on clothes that will be too big in a few months. I got a lot of great deals on dress pants in a size... wait for it... 14!!! (I am not officially in that size, but I can get them on and zipped. They are just too tight to wear in public yet.) I decided to get prepared for my drop into the 14s. Buying business casual clothes has been the most difficult. I have to have a good variety to wear to work. I have been pretty lucky so far though!

I haven't been a size 14 since probably 8th grade. I remember one summer where I was losing weight (I was at the swimming pool everyday) and being so excited to fit back into a size 14. Wow, in 8th grade I was this size. Puts a lot of things into perspective and makes me realize how out of control I was.

I know a lot of people blame parents for their child's obesity problem. I can't and no one should blame my parents. They tried everything with us kids, even going as far as duct taping the refrigerator. (yeah I am embarrassed to admit that, but need to be honest) We just got the unhealthy treats from some place else and secretly eat it. I was embarrassed every time I went shopping with my mom bc I knew it wasn't right that I was a freshman in HS and had to shop in the plus size section. I remember being so excited when we discovered DEBS. It was the first time that I was able to wear clothes that were for my age, just an adult size.

Memory: Shopping with my mom and hearing her say..."I wish you guys could fit in those clothes. (points to the "regular" section of the store) It would make life so much easier..."
I remember on that day vowing to fit in those clothes. However, it would be years before I was able to.

Good thought: I now can fit in the "regular" section of the store. I went shopping with my mom and sister and we had so much fun shopping on both sides of the store. I even fit into an xl dress and almost started bawling in the dressing room. At that moment my mom said how proud she was of me. She has been one of my supporters with this and has said continuously how much I have motivated her and my dad. It is a good feeling.

I have lived up to my vow. I have a ways to go, but I am damn proud to be here right now.

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  1. You should be proud! Sounds AMAZING! Size 14's.. OMGOSH I would be excited as well. CONGRATULATIONS!

    My Mom was an avid runner most of my life and kept healthy food in the house. But due to a health problem, a father who drained my self esteem and the usual teenage stuff, I got to the weight I am now. I hated shopping in the plus size section as well.

    Keep up the hard work!!!!