Monday, January 27, 2014

Now I Am More Fun? No.

I had someone point out recently that I have changed... once again. The friend made a comment of how I am not super controlling of what I am eat/drink when out and about anymore. The meaning behind the statement was that I was always controlling of everything I eat and drank and conscious of my portion and now I simply am not. The friend didn't mean anything by it. Just a simple statement of "now you are fun.". Little did this person know that it would make me ask... What the hell am I doing?

At the time, that was news to me. I didn't think I had changed my habits and had just been having a busier social life... nothing wrong with that right? After really thinking about the events I have been attending, the food I have been eating, portions, drinks and more, it is no wonder I have been stuck in this rut of not losing any weight.

I used to worry about what I was going to order, what drinks I was going to have and even if I should eat before I left. I don't know when those thoughts went out the window, but I sure haven't been thinking about that stuff lately. Sure, my portions are still smaller than they used to be, but pair that up with some drinks and there you go, recipe for disaster (weight gain). It has been an endless cycle of losing the weight during the week and gaining the weight over the weekend. Thank goodness I haven't gained more weight than I could lose in a week... it has just been a never ending circle.

I know I can't be in control every minute, but I used to be so good at that. It was hard, but I would be able to keep within my rules I set for myself. Again, I don't know where my thoughts have been recently, but I need to snap out of this self indulgence.

Now that I am more aware of what I am doing (once again), it will be different. This just proves one cannot get "comfortable" in their healthier lifestyle. Things start to slip and healthy habits start going out the window (again).

A big thank you to my friend, who was blissfully unaware of how their statement would affect me. It is good sometimes to take a step back and realize where you are at with things.

Keeping my head up and moving forward.

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