Thursday, January 9, 2014

Maybe Learning?

I worked out tonight.

Nothing unusual about that statement. I normally workout on a regular basis, sure. What makes this statement a little more important, is the fact I worked out the day after running distance... lessons learned.

Last year when training for the half marathon, I was always so sore after and wouldn't work out the next day, not even a little. That always threw off my schedule of when I worked out and sometimes went 4 days in between getting my fitness on. I think that is one area I made a mistake with. I always had to start over the next time at the gym and it made it harder every time.

Yes, my body needs to rest after such a run. However, I can still do core and other exercises the next day. My workouts don't stop because I am sore, I need to keep moving to build on. I do not mind the sore muscles bc I know I am improving my health! I am hoping this is the start of a new routine for training and doing things a little smarter this year.

I ran half of a half marathon last night. (aka 6.6 miles) It was a hard run since I haven't been on the track in 2 weeks and barely been in the gym bc of the holidays. The hardest part is starting over. Once I have the momentum, it gets to be a normal weekly routine for me once again. I am on my way!

Favorite smoothie so far: Almond milk, ice, vanilla Greek yogurt and peanut butter.... MMMMHMM! Soo delicious! It was a great treat after a butt kicking run.

Keep your head up.

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