Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watching and thinking...

Tonight is the last episode of the season for Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition. I never miss an episode and tonight is no different. I usually find something that I can relate to in the journeys that these people have. Wither it be the journey itself or the things they had to deal with when being overweight.

This episode the man on his journey is a very positive person!  The moment that stuck out with me so far (and motivated me to write this post) was when he was riding a bike and the seat broke. He was embarrassed and felt down. That is one of the biggest fears for an overweight person.

How I relate to it: When I was at my heaviest and even before then, I was always worried about not fitting in booths at restaurants, having a chair break while I was sitting in it... things like that. There were more than a few times that I was at a restaurant and wasn't sure I was going to fit in the booth.  After a certain point whenever I was asked if I wanted a booth or table, I made sure to answer right away with table. I even started to convince myself and  others I felt too "closed in" when sitting in a booth. The truth? I wasn't sure I was going to fit.  Then there was the embarrassment of my friends knowing I was having a hard time fitting and then trying to squeeze my way back out.
That is one thing I have never told anyone else.I wish that I would have been able to use those experiences to  make a lifestyle change.

I have held myself back from doing so many things because of my weight. I have a fear of trying them still because all I can think... am I still too heavy for this?

I can think of many times where I was embarrassed because I was too heavy or told people I "didn't want" to do something because of the fear I wouldn't be able to because of my weight. I am hoping soon I will feel comfortable enough and not have those anxieties.

They just showed the man on his journey swimming. That was his first time on the diving board since breaking it the last time. He looked so happy!

This episode really hit home with me. All I can say is I am glad I am finally on the right track. Who knows? Maybe a roller coaster or a water park is in my future?

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