Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big New Adventure!

So here goes... A couple of weeks ago I officially signed up to run my first 5k... !

I know I posted on here before about being very inspired by the book "Born to Run". Ever since then I have felt the need to start running as part of my fitness. I never knew how awesome it would feel and what a stress reliever it was!

To date (as in today!) I can run 2.5 laps (over a half mile) without stopping and having to walk. I can run/walk my mile in 13:02 to date (as in today!) I know I am not that fast or even running the entire thing. The most important thing for me to remember is... I am trying.

I have been keeping up with "focusing on the fitness". I still have a tiny obsession with weighing myself every day. (No worries, Mondays are still my "official" weigh in day!) Tracking my time for the mile has been awesome and very good for me. Every time I get out there I want to beat my previous time. I accept the fact when I don't... but I go home smiling when I do!

Today I am only 7 lbs. away from weighing 199 lbs. Yeah that is right, under 200 lbs.! Every time I think about where I started, I get choked up. Recently when I think about running the 5k... I get choked up. I am scared I won't finish it... but excited over the possibility.

I will keep you updated on my training for the big day.Cheers to the future and surviving the 5k!

Blast from the past:

I think about the days when we would need to run the mile in school. I HATED that day with a passion. I was over weight, slow and was always the last one to finish. Even after all that I thought I could go out for volleyball. One memory I have from practice: We would run laps around the track in a line. The last person in line would sprint to the front... and then so on. I HATED that because I could never sprint to the front. I could never run a full lap, it was heartbreaking to me... but again not enough to push me to make a lifestyle change.

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