Sunday, April 6, 2014

Keep Moving and Challenging Myself

First off...

I am still training for the half marathon that is less than a month away!!! I am more excited this year than I was last. I will never forget the run last year, but I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to finish, that that was all I focused on. This year, I know I can finish the run. My goal is to have fun and push myself to do my best.

I had a distance run last week that was a little difficult. The first part was getting my ass out the door. I wasn't into it and didn't feel like running distance.  Backing out wasn't an option though. I was running in a different neighborhood and got lost for a bit. Then about 6 miles in I took a face plant. ( I know some of you reading this aren't surprised that I fell haha) I tripped over the uneven sidewalk and banged up my knee and got a few scrapes. I sat there for a minute and asked myself if I was going to go on or go home... I went on. I ran another 6+ miles and got myself home. Sure I felt like crap, wanted to quit, but I didn't. I sure as hell pushed forward and didn't throw in the towel.

I. Kept. Moving.

This weeks distance run, how do I say this... It sucked. My friend Jamie (training partner for last year) and I went on a distance run and started at the top of the bluff. Too many layers, didn't eat enough and wasn't hydrated enough for this run. We ended up having to re-fill our water bottles (which I have never done) and kept going. I finished 2 minutes faster than I did the previous week during my face plant run... but it was a HUGE mental game to keeping going... but I kept moving. I got pretty sick after (isn't running glamorous?) and didn't want to ever run distance again... I will be doing it again this week! haha

Second part... The Challenge!

My new challenge is actually recycled from when I first started the biggest loser contest waaaay  back in 2011. It is to do some physical activity every day. I know I am doing a lot more than I did back then, but why can't I drop and do 100 crunches or a few push ups on my off day? No reason not to. Tomorrow will be a full week of doing daily physical activity. I want to see how far I can go with this, so I haven't set an end date. Keeps me moving and challenges me to do just a little bit more.

One more thing!!

I got a team together at work to start a new contest called Lose It! There was 18 people from my department alone that signed up. The contest officially starts tomorrow and goes until June 1st. I am ready to do this!! So happy there was a good turn out for our group.

Keep your head up and keeping moving.

For a girl that used to be over 300 lbs. I have to stop and look back once in a while... I am not doing so bad!


   A sweet side note: After every distance run I do, there is one person that is the first to text me. My boyfriend has been part of my running "routine" since last fall. He is the first person I text after a run or is the first to ask me how it went. Always encouraging and telling me it will be alright when I don't think I did well. The poor guy has to hear me whine a lot a bout aches and pains, but never complains. He is a keeper, that's for sure.

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  1. Holly, you are a Superstar! Keep on pushing to go far... In running and life.