Monday, March 24, 2014

Broken Record

I feel like a broken record. Always "starting over" and "getting back on track" and never really getting anywhere these days... as far as food is concerned.

I am doing well with the fitness, but as we all know, it is a balancing act between that and eating healthy. I am not counting calories like I did before. I am not measuring food either. I am coasting along with nutrition and not trying as hard as I used to. However, I am still making healthier choices by making sure I am choosing healthy food over the junk. That isn't enough though.

One can still over eat on healthy food. Sure you chose a salad... then you have yogurt, string cheese, apple and on and on. All healthy food, but the amount of calories still add up. I can be a "boredom eater", "Stress eater" (aw hell an emotional eater) sometimes and just eat because I want to. Letting my emotions run my nutrition is not healthy. Period. Even the foods that seem "healthy" can take me of track because I didn't look closer at the nutrition label. I always say I can be a control freak (not a bad thing sometimes). I have lost a little of that control I had over the healthier foods. Smaller portions and not eating when I am not hungry... that is where I need to rein things in.

This week the goal is to only eat the food I have planned for. Only the snacks I bring, only the lunch I made and only the dinner I planned. Nothing extra, even if someone brings food in. I used to be really good at turning things down, but I have gotten too "comfortable" with my choices. I need to get back into that routine. (broken record!)

A bigger goal isn't only better. Sometimes it is the trail of smaller goals that gets you to the ultimate one.

Next goal: No extra food for the week.

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