Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Dress...

Who knew a dress could bring up so many memories?

When visiting my parents, I looked into one of the closets where a bunch of my bridesmaid dresses and a few prom dresses hang. There was one dress that stuck out to me. My 8th grade graduation dress.

I remember going shopping with my grandma and great aunt. That was the tradition in our family. They took us out of school and we had a day of shopping and going to lunch. I remember how hard it was to find a dress because of my size back then. Yeah in 8th grade I was already pretty  big. I did luckily find this purple dress that I loved. It was a woman's size... 20. Yes you read that right. I was about a size 16 pant in 8th grade, but had to get a size 20 dress. (we all know how sizes can change with styles) I was of course embarrassed, but again it didn't change anything. I did have a great day with my family and will always remember the good parts.

Back to the dress...

I grabbed the dress and brought it back with me. I was thinking I could have it taken in, because it is a style that is pretty classic. I tried the dress on and... look at the picture below:


See all that fabric I am holding? The thing is like a sack on me! I love it! It hangs down almost to my ankles and is just... huge. That is the dress from my 8th grade graduation...!
It really puts things into perspective of how far I have really come. Right now, when I am stuck on a plateau... it doesn't seem so bad.
Things that motivate...


  1. I just wanted to tell you that you helped me out this morning without even knowing it. I had gotten up early to run but just wasn't feeling it. I had pretty much decided just to go back to bed after checking my email, but then I saw an email about your comment on my blog. Seeing that made me push on through and get that run in. It may not happen overnight, but we are both going to get there eventually. Plus, we've already won our lives back right now!

  2. You go girl! :) That is so amazing!