Thursday, April 11, 2013

Running on the Tread...

I hated it. Flat out did not like running on the treadmill. What a boring experience after being able to run outside multiple times. It is worse than the track. The main reason I am very anti-treadmill with distance running is... that I couldn't do my distance. I made it 5 miles before I gave up.

When running my pace changes too much. While running  on the treadmill it got to a point where I feel like I am wanting to walk more and more. I know it is probably a mental thing... okay I KNOW it is a mental thing. I just gave up. SO. I will probably not run distance this week. I ran 5 miles on Monday  (gorgeous out) and 5 miles tonight. I am doing my first 5k of the season on Saturday too. I suppose that is pretty good, but the race is in 3 weeks. I have 3 weeks to get my butt in gear to be able to make it through a half marathon.

On a brighter side: I have lost a total of 130 lbs. That is an adult. WOW. I have dropped into a size 12 a while ago and am gearing up for that size 10. I have gotten my bridesmaid dress in from one of the weddings for this summer... I ordered a size smaller at the shop and probably should have gone 2. It is already too big! Love it!

The weight loss is still slow and steady. I will take it. I didn't become over weight in a day, so it will take time for me to get healthy.

Keeping the head up and moving on.


  1. I was pretty sad about ordering my bridesmaid dress. They run so small! So even though I wear a size 12 now normally, when I called to give the shop my measurements, she said I was a 16 in that particular dress. I could deal with that. But then she said she had accidentally looked at the wrong dress, and that my measurements for the right dress put me in a size 20! I know sizes are crazy and that I really am a size 12, but it just brought back bad memories of when I really was size 20+. I never wanted to see that number again. I ordered a size 18 to be safe (better too big than too small), but I still felt like fat Kristen again :(

    1. I hear you! When I was originally trying them on I was a size 16. The dress I was trying on was a little more to size, but they still put me in a 22 at first. It was huge, then slowly dropped until I was in an 18. Those dress sizes can mess w/ you mentally. The last time I had to order a dress, I actually had to order more fabric bc they didn't have a big enough size... I never want to live through that again.

      You may be surprised and will need to take that 18 in :)

  2. Woo hoo! I'm so proud of you Holly! :)

  3. Awesome Holly! I saw they posted the half marathon shirts on Facebook. Exciting!!

  4. I have trouble walking on a treadmill somedays, lol! I have a friend who does triathalons, he told me once that running on a treadmill is not the same as running on a track or outside. It causes a more unnatural gait, so maybe the wanting to walk wasn't something in your head - it was your body's reaction to the different surface.