Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Frustration and nerves

I had thought to be way closer to my ultimate weight loss goal at this time. I had been consistent with the 1 lb. loss every week and now it is sticking around the same number again. Where are the big losses? I hate these plateaus that come so often now, that it is hard to get excited when I start losing. I know I will just hit another wall in a week or so.

Something else that is making me feel self conscious, is the fact that I am getting droopy skin. That has been my biggest fear w/ losing the weight... the excess skin. I am getting healthy and that is ALL that matters... but I can't help but want to look good too. My arms have the droop... my legs and stomach have the droop... ugh!

Game plan: I am going to focus a lot more on weights and trying to tone and tighten. I know I still have 50 lbs. to go... but I need to do something now.

Nerves: 2.5 weeks until the race and I still have yet to run 13 miles...! This weekend is my outing for that... wish me luck!


  1. I think you're in my head! I kind of feel like I am in some kind of permanent plateau now. I'm trying to make my peace with the fact that it may take me as long or longer to take off this last 50 or pounds than it did to take off the first 150 lbs. I just try to remember that this time last year I would have given anything to be this weight.

    I hear you with the skin too. My mom swears that when she was my age and lost 125 lbs, she had no extra skin. 200 lbs is a lot more than 125 lbs though and I am seeing droopy spots. I'm trying to increase the weight training too.

  2. I have been stuck for a bit as well, so I understand the frustration! I work a lot on weights and toning in hopes I can prevent a lot of droopy skin, so far it is working pretty well!

    13 miles.. WOW!!! Good luck :-)