Friday, February 8, 2013

"Let your past make you...

better not bitter."- Roy Disney

This is a quote that really made me think. With being over weight most of my life, there are so many things that I can think of that could make me bitter. The fact I didn't have the willpower to change my ways when I was younger comes to mind. I don't know why it "wasn't my time" or why I couldn't "just lose weight", but it wasn't and I couldn't. This crazy journey had to be done on my time, in my way and when I could. Well, I am glad I can and that I don't let that part of my past make me bitter.

The second thing that comes to mind is the teasing. The teasing from strangers, the comments from family and the not so subtle digs from "friends". It is all there and I can remember every one of those encounters. I would get down on myself or get sassy and claim I "don't care"... but I did. I cared about the looks, I cared about the laughs, it was hard not to. I can still get self conscious (what person wouldn't when they had been mooed at before??)

I am not bitter though. I use those experiences and memories to keep going on my journey. I do hate remembering some of it, it makes me uncomfortable at times, but I am not bitter. If I am getting frustrated with the lack of weight loss or don't want to work out... I just need to remember how far I have come.

Those experiences made me who I am today... I think I am doing pretty damn good.

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  1. Love this post Holly. It would be so easy to have a million regrets about not doing this sooner, but the truth is that that serves no purpose. What is important is that we did it now. Sometimes I have trouble too with being angry at myself for not losing weight before, now that I see how much happier this lifestyle in general (not just the weight loss) has made me. But I try to remember that that person was still me and deserves kindness just as much as the person I am now does. I know for me at least, I was going through one of the hardest times of my life when I put weight so fast that last year. I had to deal with all of those emotional issues before I could deal with losing the weight. You are so right when you say that our experiences (good AND bad) make us who we are. I can't pick and choose which ones I would want to have.