Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still in a daze...

I am still on a high from last Saturday. Yes, I finally did my first 5k! It was a huge relief and overwhelming moment. I still can't believe I finished that thing!

On to the next round... I am going to keep up my running, until there is snow on the ground. Not a huge fan the cold and all that. I need to get back to the gym and hitting the weights. I love doing different things throughout the week. It keeps me interested and my body guessing. I had been so focused on the running, but need to remember to have a balance of fitness. ALSO! As a gift for my huge day on Saturday, my aunt and uncle gave me... wait for it... the INSANITY workout! oohhh boy, here we go! I am really excited to try it to see what I can do. I am really getting into this fitness thing and having fun with it.

I am still a few lbs. from being under 200 lbs. (2 to be exact!) It feels a little strange getting that close to such a huge goal. I can't explain the feelings I have had the past few weeks. It is exciting, but scary too. I honestly do not even remember being this size in my life (yeah that is how long I have been over weight!). I am not really sure why it is a tad overwhelming. Maybe for the fact that I am doing things I have never done before? Being in so many new situations and having this new confidence? It is all new to me, I never realized that I would be so overwhelmed by losing weight. I am ready to see how far I can go, but a little nervous too of what is to come.

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