Sunday, September 30, 2012

Falling down.

I have been doing this weight loss thing for awhile now... well over a year. I have had the worst week, since starting out, making food choices. It is like I have no control... again. Don't get me wrong, it is for sure not as bad as I used to be. However, the decisions I made this week are stalling my weight loss progress. Between the potluck on Friday and Oktoberfest yesterday... boredom eating today. I feel like I am out of control. I gained at least 3 lbs. (as of right now) and just feel like crap about it.

There are no tears over it (as of right now) but I am very frustrated with myself. I know better. I don't cut anything out of my diet, but I still don't need to have these "treats" so often. I need to get back on track on Monday and clean up the damage I did this past weekend.

Thinking on it, I must have gotten too "comfortable" again. "Oh I know what I am doing." No. It is a life long thing that I am going to have to stay on guard with.

Where is my inspiration and motivation this week...


  1. Mini update on my weigh in this morning... I didn't gain or lose anything!I was very very lucky. Still going to be making better decisions, but I do feel better about everything.

  2. I'm glad you feel better! Just remember, Oktoberfest only comes once a year, and one weekend is ok! You'll get back into your routine and rock it!

  3. I know I still have trouble not rewarding myself with food, like giving myself a tasty treat because I worked so hard or lost a good amount. Like when I hit my 75 pound milestone, I had almost talked myself into getting a peach milkshake! Lifetime habits are hard to break.

    The important thing is that you recognize what is going on and you are correcting it. Sounds like you are getting right back on track!