Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frustration has set in...

My weight hasn't changed in a while. I can't seem to get past a certain point no matter how many times I weigh myself.

I have started "wogging" more often and staying consistent at the gym. I am eating lighter meals at night and trying not to over indulge on the weekend. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it is putting a damper on my journey.

After talking it over with many friends and reading the book "Born to Run" (fantastic book I recommend it!) I realize that I  need to focus on the fitness part of my journey more instead of the weight. Right now I do all my goals by weight, but friends have suggested maybe doing by physical ability. How far can I jog at one time? How much faster can I do my route? How heavy of weights?

Maybe tracking my progress that way and focusing on that for awhile will help the weight part of it. I am just getting discouraged. Every time I think I have gotten over the plateau, the next 4 weeks I am stuck.

New experiment: Only weighing myself 2 times in one week. Right now I weigh my self at least 6 times (yeah I know :S) However, my "official weight" is always on Monday. When I weigh myself in the morning and at night, it is just to make sure I am still on track. However, I am getting disappointed in the morning lately bc it is the same weight all the time. Maybe taking a step back from that will be good for me.

We shall see!

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