Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wait, what? I don't look gorgeous when I run??

Guess what?! I don't look perfect when running.

 Seems like a legit statement right? I had someone tell me how she always sees me running. In fact she saw me running last week... apparently I "always" look like I am  struggling and/or "about to die". Why thank you for pointing that out! :) I had then asked where she had seen me... figured out I was about 5 miles into my run around that time.
      **Side note: Whoever looks amazing after running 5 miles... PLEASE share your secret, cause I know I am a hot mess by this point!

Points of my story-

1. If you look gorgeous after a run... you weren't pushing hard enough.

2. I have a rule: No looking at your reflection while running. I prefer not to see what everyone else is!

 3. There are few moments in my life where I feel truly beautiful. One of those moments may surprise some.... it is when I get done with a run <3 Hot, tired, seat, stinky... gorgeous. I feel accomplished and not going to lie... a little bad ass.

So thank you lady for pointing that out :) Let's me know I have been working my ass off.

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