Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Am Not Cut Out For This...

I am declaring it now... This WILL be my last half marathon for a while. I need a break from the training and give my body a rest from running miles and miles. I got sick again tonight about mile 6. Barely ran 8 miles in 2 hours... I am in big trouble for next weekend. I am in the mind set now... I just want to run to come so I can get it over with. It can make running not fun for me and I don't want that! It is my stress reliever and shouldn't be causing me more stress.

I am not cut out to continuously run distance. My stomach is the main concern. I should not be used to throwing up after ever distance run. That isn't fun! I will be happy with 3-5 miles. That is plenty for my short little legs!

Okay, that was my big announcement. :)

I am hoping to start posting more. I was having a pity party for one since I was struggling with the weight loss. I had gained from the vacation and was getting super frustrated. As a good friend reminded me over the weekend... I still can post about that stuff! Everyone can relate to the struggle... so I apologize for being so lazy!

I promise to keep my head up :)

FUN FACT: I have now run OVER 700 miles (since I started counting with MapMyRun) That is CRAZY! Never would have thought I would be running, let alone this many miles!


  1. Good for you for realizing that. There is nothing wrong with a god 5k. You might have already but you should do a post on how you started running, how it felt etc. I am starting out on my run training again and I just sometimes start feeling like I am NEVER going to run a mile straight!