Sunday, June 8, 2014

Making Something Out of Nothing

I over think. I don't mean I over think a little, I mean I over think A LOT.

Over thinking can help greatly with living a healthy lifestyle. You have to over think your workout plans, meal plans and what happens if you make a mistake. Going out to eat alone is at least a good 20 minutes of over thinking for me. It is all in the plan and  how to get yourself to move forward on your journey.

Then there is the over thinking that can hinder your progress. Lately it has been innocent comments from others that I have been over thinking. I have been over sensitive about my decisions lately in regards to my food choices or workouts. I got food the other week from a place I hadn't in a few years. I told someone about it and all they said was... "You have went years w/o going there.". Pretty simple statement, but the guilt was huge. I take pride in the fact I haven't been to certain places (mainly fast food joints) in years. That feeling of sliding back into bad habits came with a jolt.

The other comment I got, was about me taking a morning off from working out. I have been pretty open about not being a morning person, but still wanting to get up and run. I got a run in on Thursday morning, it sucked, but I did it. The next day someone asked if I ran that morning. When I said no (it is usually my rest day). I got an "Oh Holly" (which I hate when people say that!) "You were supposed to run 2 days in a row!". I felt the guilt instantly as if I was slapped with it.

I know the people making the comments have absolutely no clue what it triggers in me. I over think anyways, so this is just part of that. However, I have this guilt and worry sitting in the pit of my stomach lately that I just can't get rid of. Maybe it is because I haven't lost any weight recently, maybe it is because I haven't picked out my next goal... or maybe it is that I am getting a little too comfortable about eating and my workouts. Whatever it is, I need to shake it off.

Feeling the worry and guilt doesn't solve anything. I need to focus my over thinking on the positives and how I am going to reach my over all weight loss goal. I will always over think. That is just who I am... I just need to focus towards something that is productive, instead of the negative.

Keeping the head up and moving forward.

Side note: My new plan for trying to incorporate morning work outs, is to wake up every day at the same time. Whether going for a run or just doing some exercise in my apartment. Every day I will attempt to do some fitness in the morning and still do my normal routine at night. My hope is to get in a routine and then start to increase my miles again. Yay for planning!


  1. I was thinking I need to get the morning fitness thing going, too. I will have to figure out something that works with my schedule.. since sometimes I have to be to work at 7, and other times not until 9:15! I suppose on the later days I could always go back to bed after a workout! ;) haha
    I'd say don't let people make you feel guilty. But, I know how it goes, you try your best and think you're doing well, and someone else has something to say about it that bursts your bubble.

  2. Holly, I can totally and completely relate!! I NEED to give up fast food and do more home cooking, I am so busy and tired after working that I just don't want to worry about cooking. But now that summer is here (officially 34 minutes ago) I won't need to take Kobe to school and have an amazing babysitter. My goal for this summer is to cook at home more often and give up fast food. I don't even want to look at what we've spent on going out in the past 6 months! You really are an inspiration. We are all human and can and will over think things. It is great that you have a place to go to post not only your successes but your hurdles as well. Let it out, we are here to support you and help you through it as you have done for so many!

  3. I understand completely. I over worry and I am super sensitive to what others say. I am also trying to get up in the mornings to work out before work. It is too hot here otherwise. Hang in there. Don't let the guilt make you over think everything. I have started doing yoga to quiet down my mind most days.