Saturday, November 3, 2012

Having Coffee...

I love the fact that there is a coffee shop right across the street from where I get my oil changed. I am happy I don't have to sit on the metal folding chair in the corner and that I can try this delish blueberry coffee! It also gives me time to write a new post on here... all in all it is a huge positive!

The last post was about the next 5k that I was attending. What a day that was! I finished the race in 36:23 and I didn't have to walk at all. I pushed and only had myself to motivate me. A friend (who ran the race as well) met me at the 3rd mile marker with his buddy and cheered me on. I was so happy to see them! I knew I could finish w/o having to walk. I made it to the first mile marker and prayed for the second. Once I did see the second, I knew... KNEW I was going to run the whole thing. It wasn't easy, but I did it and am very excited for my next milestone.

My lesson I had to learn from the last post: I am still going to be hard on myself when I don't keep pushing... but that keeps me pushing. I don't think that makes sense. If I do fail at reaching a goal, it just pushes me to make it next time. I am pretty sure my friend will yell at me if I keep apologizing every time I have to walk! (right Jamie?)

On to "weight" news: I am now...*drum roll* 196 lbs.! That makes it a total of 117 lbs. lost. I still am in a little shock and have not quite come to terms with being under 200 lbs. It is a strange feeling. Hold it! Strange but good. I am very happy about this, don't get me wrong. When you look and feel one way for so many years, it is hard when you change so much into a person you have never been before.

Forward I go with my journey. The holidays will be here soon and anxiety over food will happen. I feel a lot more in control than I was last year. This is my second pass thru the holidays with my new lifestyle... I got this.

Remember to keep your head up!

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  1. Blueberry coffee sounds amazing! Almost as amazing as you look now! :)