Monday, October 15, 2012

I know you have been waiting for this...

At least I have!

Finally! That is the word that best describes today. I have reached that next milestone on my journey... weighing under 200lbs. Official weigh in this morning... 199! (I can be excited over one lb.... it is my  journey lol)

Years. That is the word that best describes how long it has been. I honestly don't know when I weighed under 200 lbs. Maybe freshman year in HS? That puts things in perspective. All I can say is I am so happy that I am doing this now rather than later.


See the difference? Exactly 1  year apart.
I have heard this many times from friends and family... "I just wish you would have done this earlier." I understand what they are saying. However, I firmly believe now that you have to be ready. You can't just have someone tell you that you need to lose weight. You have to do it for you and not for anyone else. You have to be ready.

So once I lose a few more lbs. the realization that I am under 200 lbs. will hit me. I am just so relieved to see that number. As always, this milestone motivates me to move forward and get to that ultimate goal.

67 lbs. to go!


  1. So happy for you Holly! This is such an important milestone. You are so right that you have to be ready to lose weight. I mean, I've known for years how bad it was for me to be so overweight, but I was just not mentally ready to make that change. I think that realization is one that most people don't really get unless they have experienced it themselves.

    1. Thanks Kristen. It took me awhile to figure that out. I think that is honestly the first step to living a healthier lifestyle. :)

  2. I'm sooo happy for you! I'm still trying to get my motivation going.. I'm getting closer!